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Default Re: Guess who's back together !

...LORD! Pressed wrong button again!

Anyway, Gord said he had enjoyed the set but that Cummings impression didn't sound like him at all. Barry laughed and told Gord, "That's EXACTLY what you sound like!" If the impression was half as good a the YOUTUBE I think someone got on Second City, "Gordon Lightfoot sings every song ever made", making it sound like one of those Time Life cds, or a Rhino Record with a theme. The guy who did that really NAILED Gord's sound. It's so funny to hear "Gord" sing "Supercalafragilisticexpealladocious" Tried to find that clip on You Tube recently and a message came up indicatiing because a possiblre copyright infringment, the "owner" requested it be taken off You Tube because whoever posted it hadn't asked the "owner" for permission to post it.
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