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Default Re: Gordon in Daytona Beach

The 'best of Massey' (Massey Hall Moments) will be released in March as far as I was told a couple of months ago.
Sooner would be ok
Good cops that cause more interruption than required. Man oh man...I've heard that the venue sets the camera policy and I've heard the performer does...I do wish they'd clear it up because if the performer is ok with 'no flash' pics then I don't see what business it is of the venues to ban them with nobheads like the people you encountered last night. How annoying.
When Warren was taking a pic of me, Gordon and Bonnie in Calgary in November Gord had a big smile and said to the folks still standing around "This ones going out to the world!" I should have asked him about pics/video taken during the concert at that time.
The snowbirds in Florida probably comprise half of the bums in the seats at this time of Gord got outta town at a good time, we got hit with some high winds, bitter cold and a few inches of snow yesterday. It's a very late winter here in Gordtown.
For now the only booking in April is in Orillia @ Casino Rama....and I"m going! I hadn't heard about the Leno show rumour...hmmm...I'd rather he be on Letterman..
thanks for the report!
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