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Default Setlist Wellmont Theater Monclair NJ 3 August 2018

After an uncharacteristically short delay the concert opened with
1.Now And Then
2.Waiting For You
3.The Watchman's Gone
4.Don Quixote
5.Minstrel Of The Dawn
6.Christian Island
7.Make Way For The Lady
8.I'd Rather Press On
9.Let It Ride
Here Gord said that the next few songs (5 in fact) would be shortened to fit more in (or words to that effect)
12.Carefree Highway
13. Did She Mention My Name
14.Ribbon Of Darkness
16.Sweet Guinevere
17.The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
18.Never Too Close
19.All The Lovely Ladies
20.I'd Rarther Press On
21.Rainy Day People
22.A Painter Passing Through
23.If You Could Read My Mind
25.Baby Step Back
26.Early Morning Rain
encore "Not like Las Vegas where you sing one song and do five encores"!!
27.Cold On The Shoulder
another most enjoyable concert that I have had the privelege to see my number 102 and my first since last August (also in New Jersey)
We were twice told that because he was a product of the 1960-1963 folk revival he (alone) was still using a capo to play his "three chords." Afterwards there was no Meet and Greet brecause understandably afrer four concerts in 4 days Gord was "tired" instead Kim graciously kept us informed,So I was unable as I had planned to tell Gord himself about this Elvis joke on Facebook back in April

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I meant no one no harm
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