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Just got delivery on a Rhino CD compilation of Brother Ray singing Love Songs:

I'd heard most, but not all, across the years. It's a great compilation for me. There are a couple duets w/ ladies - marvelous.

The duet promting this post is not "Summertime," but two other songs from the Porgy & Bess opera.
First Ray sings "Bess You is My Woman," which seques into Cleo Laine (world class soprano of unimaginable beauty - vocally, physically & personally) sings "I Loves You Porgy."

After the two pieces are sung separately, their sung together, tumbling over one another, in the best opera tradition. That's how these 2 songs are done in the stage production.

Porgy - on his knees being a cripple - at far stage left; Bess at stands at far stage right. They are in totally different physical spaces, yet singing to one another - simultaneously.
That's an opera thing, often expanded to 3 or 4 singers at once w/ separate melodies. Quite a feat for the composer to pull of.

Back to Ray and Cleo: that's exactly how they do it the second half of the cut. Knocks a poor boy to his knees, like Porgy.

If you ever see a production of Progy & Bess, get ready for a whollop. Same w/ the CD Ray Charles Sings Love Songs.

George & Ira - awrite!

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