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Lucky Old Sun sounds like it sure could've been right there w/ Old Man River.

But, it wasn't written till '48 or '49 by Haven Gillespie & Beasely Smith.

Lots of folks have sung it (Frankie Lane first,) Brother Ray to this little boy's heart - and right now a take on it standing tall beside Brother Ray - John Stewart.

It's on John's Album, "Havana" and "Live at Jimmy Dukes (2003)" Elizabeth, you just holler out to John (like I did at Jimmy's in 2003)and get ready to bleed.

I would love to hear Gord's take on it. A body's gotta have a lotta rings around the tree to sing it right. ('course I didn't know that at 16 rings.)

And Summertime, never caught that night on tape but etched in my heart and bandmates, was an instrumental where Johnny Kirkland played his Stratocaster on and on and up and up for nearly 30 min the last night on stage w/ The Rumblers before reporting to the Army in '65. I still get the shiverin' fits.

Johnny's gone.

The Rez

. . . hush, little baby
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