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Hahahahha...I FORCE FEED it to my wife until she whines, "Not more Gordon..." heh heh But like me, she cannot help but be touched by his song. And my boy too, who is only two and already has his first guitar is already singing along with Gord.

This topic reminds me of how everyone knows Gord by "If You Could Read My Mind"...or as that "Sundown guy." Some even actually confuse him with BEING Edmund Fitzgerald!

I got a kick out of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine said she LOVES Edmund Fitzgerald's voice...where Jerry corrects her by saying that "Gordon Lightfoot is the singer and Edmund Fitzgerald was the ship you idiot." She then disagreed by saying, "no...I believe Gordon Lightfoot was the ship," followed by Jerry adding, "yeah...and it was hit by the Cat Stevens."
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