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Default Re: Patti Page 1927 - 2013 : A Farewell

I just read on that she passed on yesterday,01/01/2013,at the age of 85. (She turned 85 just in this past November.)

No doubt one can only accentuate the positive when talking about her songs and her accomplishments as a recording artist. She had her first hit at age 21 with "Confess" in 1948 but really took off after "Tennessee Waltz" grabbed an incredibel amount of national success for her.

If there's any song that can make one weepy,especialy after a break up,that's certainly one of them,if not "the" one.

Between '48 and '55 all but one hit made the top 40. Even with rock & roll coming in that year,she still made the top 40,intermittedly until her final hit "Hush,Hush Sweet Charlotte" in 1965,reaching #8. A good way to end a top 40 run.

She still made the charts and her last Hot 100 hit was in 1982.... "My Man Friday" #80. Like most acts back then who stopped having pop hits,she made a good turn on the country charts.

I was glad to have collected her top 40 hits and to have seen her perform on 2004's "My Music special on PBS." Where she sang Tennessee Waltz and Old Cape Cod.

In tribute,I give to you folks all of her charted singles from Billboard.

RIP Patti Page,a class act with a classic voice. The kind we may not hear again in popular music.
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