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Sorry everyone, but I just have to brag a little. I'll be seeing Gord in concert tonight in Salina, Kansas! Hi Steve from Texas! Maybe I'll see you there. I'm traveling from the Kansas City area to see him. Only about 150 miles, not nearly the trip you're making. Are you going to try to go backstage after the show? I would like to, but don't know if Gordon likes to meet people and I don't want to bother him. :confused? I saw Gordon for the first time in March in Purchase, New York, then moved to Kansas just in time to catch him in Salina. He was great in the Purchase concert. I have his boxed set with me and will be listening to that on the drive down.

So this is his first concert in Kansas, eh? Well, Kansas isn't the hippest place around, so I'm not surprised. I can say that because I'm from Kansas.

I feel super lucky to be able to catch two Gord concerts in one year. Actually, I'm seriously thinking of going to the one in Columbia, MO in November too.

Well, just thought I'd share that with all my fellow fans.
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