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Default Re: being inside a 12 string guitar

Originally Posted by joveski View Post
i thought only the E, A and D strings have the 2nd set tuned an octave higher
it does sound like you do know and probably meant "always WAS wondering", lol...almost, the G is also an octave higher...i was always ready for that guy to snap when i put on fresh strings...hey, as you may have noticed i gave a totally dyslexic explanation in my post,'s the exact opposite, as b45 pointed out...thanks

i didn't know the Nashville tuning term, thanks...although i do use the term Nashville numbering often when hooking up with others who like to shuffle around key signatures...i will give Big Blue a good listen, neat stuff

there's high string work on was Doidge who first showed me this type of set up...i'm not a big headphone type listener but i do enjoy finding the perfect seating position amidst the old hi fi to take in classic albums...i've been playing some LPs lately, and notice that snap crackles and pops come through both channels in mono
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