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Default Re: Restless 1998 - good audio

probably some truths, but you gotta sell books with some edgy promo, eh

"What Peter represented was nostalgia for a self-confident decent and compassionate Canada that had all but vanished except in the memory of his listeners." good quote...yeah, and maybe someday they will bring Jian's gay skeletons out of the closet too, lol

jjo, you're videos are private...i was gonna check out if you made any progress in the transferring...i got this clean hifi version of this from a CBC closet...i love Pete's voice in stereo....i wonder how may smoke breaks these two took during the taping

i dig this GL look...and i love how terry and rick (pre-mane) look here also

this is what a GL (and orchestra) house concert would be like...pretty good mix
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