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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jennifer:
I'm going to be so bold as to speak for the younger crowd. Even though I'm not a 20-something anymore, I do fall in the "under 40" category.

I'm not a big Dylan fan and I'm only familiar with some of his music, but Dylan is much more "raw" than Lightfoot. He really lets it go. Lightfoot on the other hand is more reserved, reflective and perhaps a bit mysterious. Most younger people are not into reserved, reflective and mysterious. They can't appreciate it. Image-wise, to a younger person Lightfoot is going to come across as "old school".

Great Post Jennifer! Those are excellent points. Gord does write and sing about tradition and romance a lot more than Bob. I think the kids do veiw Bob (from all they have read about him and heard about him over the years)as a kind of rebel. He is fun to follow for them.
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