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I have to agree JJ. I love his shyness and aura of "gee-am I really lucky enough to be up here entertaining these people?" I never heard or read that Lightfoot was nothing but pleased with his rendition. It was a bit different and he was very very nervous but Ron did a great job. As he does with "Drifters" on the Beautiful Tribute CD.
He's always got that rumpled, rolled out of bed look and it's quite endearing! At the Hugh's Room Tribute shwos last year I think he actually did just roll out of bed and come to perform. He had been at a gig out of town and had just driven in - no one was really sure 100% if he could make it...but thankfully he did and was warmly received with his versions of "Now and Then" and "I'll Do Anything That You Say" with someone else's guitar..
I hope he's there at least one night this coming January..
Alan will be seeing him with his daughter in Manchester, England on Wednesday at her University...have a great time!

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