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"Shadows" is played in "D" as a "C" chord,
with the capo at the second fret.
When I went to one of his concerts a few years back,I got to go back to the Holiday Inn where the band was staying in Clearwater,Fl.
Mike Hefferman the keyboardist told me that Gord may have played that keyboard part on the album.
Just 2 or three notes(Daw Wow Wa Wow Wow WoW). I thought that was pretty cool.
Another Lightfoot fun fact:
"A Lesson In Love" is the only song I Know of where Gord acually plays the guitar solo!
It's true!Unforunatly,it's only about five notes
It's right after the Sax solo and right before the line:"You look like the moonglow that follows me home,Always makes me turn around,won't leave me alone."
One of my favorite lines of all time. -R.L.

"Now he's traded off his Martin,but his troubles are not over.."
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