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Speaking with a mid sixty year old pair of wrists, I find that there are most definitely certain chords that pose a problem for us seniors who have had a lack of wrist mercy over the years, and there are several Gord tunes that I love to play that require that extra jolt of stamina when I have to reach for a C or F chord. I prefer to leave the capo on the third fret as I find it fits my general voice range and makes it a little easier than say having it on the second or first fret. The Circle Is Small, Summerside Of Life, Summertime Dream are defifitely wrist changellers for me, but I love the tunes so much that a little pain for long time gain is sometimes worth the high feeling derived after playing those tunes. The wrist thing doesn't always happen though, as I find there are "good wrist days" and "bad wrist days," similar to "good hair" and "bad hair" days. Ron Jones.
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