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Default Re: Happy Canada Day

And sometime tomorrow, I'll be listening to "Hi'Way Songs", which I think is Gord's most 'Canadian' song.

In the following lyrics excerpt, you can see that Gord has a very high regard for his homeland:

"Just for now, I'd like to rest, in the shade of a maple tree; to the blue Canadian sky, I'll say a prayer for the world out there."

And the line I like best is where he sings: " And headin' north across that line is the only time I'm flyin'."

As a Canadian, I count myself lucky that the worst I might ever have to face on a day-to-day basis is reading about troubles overseas, and not actually experiencing them here at home. And while I like to travel and visit faraway places once in a while, I'm always glad when my feet touch down on home soil.

If you're Canadian, I hope you'll have a happy Canada Day, and take a minute out tomorrow to consider all the blessings you have living in the vast, beautiful country you live in.
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