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I am posting to this thread, because I am sure you afficianados of Red Shea will be thrilled to learn this news. Alex

From the Terry Clements and Terry's Guitar threads:

"I have received two very interesting links from Johann Lowenberg.

The first takes you to CBC Radio 3.

Before his passing, Terry produced some great music, featuring Terry, Red and Rick, on Johann's upcoming album. Lightfoot Folks, do CHECK this link out!:

You will hear demos, but it probably won't take long to master them for release.
The music is wonderful!!! It is a great treat. Thank you Johann.

The second is about possible lineage links of the McGlincy guitar:

I quote his Johann's correspondence:

"Hi Alex

This article shows that Dylan and Cash were good friends, so it could very well be possible one showed the other his McGlincy, depending on which was built first


My response:


Thank you. It was fascinating article. It certainly made me think about the possible connection between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

It is possible one showed the other his McGlincy and the other was sufficiently impressed to have one made for himself. The "branch" may go Dylan, Cash, Lightfoot, Clements, myself or, possibly Cash, Dylan, Lightfoot, Clements, me.

Perhaps someone who knows Mr. Dylan could shed some light on the matter and clarify the lineage?..."

I would now add:...or, someone who knew Johnny Cash?"

(For more information on the McGlincy Guitars, as played by both Gord and Terry, see the "Terry's Guitar" thread.)
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