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Unless I'm dealing with a really vile, destructive person I've just never allowed myself the option of "bitchiness." I know a lot of women who operate that way for sport, though. I've seen so much of it that I just can't do it.

Consequently, most of my friends are guys. They play by a whole other set of rules. And my DH prefers it that way because the chaos/upset level in our home barely exists with this lifestyle.

HOWEVER.. if I see someone hurting an innocent person I can be be "on wheels" and HAULIN' (18 of them, as a matter of fact. woohoo! watchout! LOL!) in zero to 60. And I don't apologize for that. I've seen this pattern before in other eldest siblings. We tend to have an overly protective nature!

hmmm... I guess I can also slip into "bitch" mode when I see some "card-carrying bitch" hassling someone else. It's like "BACK OFF! Who the heck do you think *you* are???" So.. I've got to be honest about that. Not proud of it. Need to work on it more. Don't need a lecture on it from the peanut gallery. ((I'm mean... how cool is it when you hold out an olive branch, use the word "truce" and some total jerk goes on the attack anyway? True colors.))

And I must admit, I thought timetraveler may have been an alter-ego of that person. Upon further thought it would be impossible. Her posts are much too intelligent, she can spell, etc..

A warm welcome to you, timetraveler. I'm sorry it's so late in coming... It's so nice to have you here!

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