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Originally posted by Diana:
Hi all, I know Brink, she has to be one of the nastiest woman on this site. Shes not happy with who she is. As far as Jesse, I dont know who he is, but he seems to be a real friendly man. Remember everyone before judging someone, have a good look in the mirror. I dont post here often, but this is ridiculous.
post and delete these are the only posts diana has left on the board. You don't know me Jesse Joe, and I certainly don't know you. But it is really sad that you have to TROLL and take several different names. People on this board have been taken in several times before all this, it is just a site for people to come and visit. you have turned it into a "circus" so to speak. don't try to make fools out the people here. You may in fact be a GL fan, but the total disregard for everyone else is not becoming. as far as your depression - if I could believe I would feel sorry for you. But most people with depression do not attack other people, do not do things to intentionally harm, or cause grief. maybe working on cars for so long kept you away from socializing...a heart attack, my patients that have heart attacks embrace the life they have and enjoy getting along, you antagonize the masses. you have talked about foot fetishes, howard stern (virgins and whipped creamed prostitutes), you have nicely been asked to tone down the picture posting (by 7 people that I know of for sure - but that post is gone now), when you decided to change your name - again - to Jesse Joe you posted it on many, many threads which causes problems for people who really want to talk or read about Gordon Lightfoot and don't have time to wade through all of that. You didn't care, it was all about you and what you deemed proper for you. You delete and edit your postings so people are confused as to what is going on, posted many inflamatory items and deleted them so maybe not everyone is aware of all that you have posted. I ignored you most of the time until I found that you posted my full name twice on the internet and copied posts that several members had contributed to and put them elsewhere on the internet. Never were any of these members asked if it was okay to copy thier postings and put them on other boards. I pm'd you about that. You could have had a nice time here and everyone else could have too if you didn't insist on treating members as stupid and being deceitful on who you are.

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