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Default It's home movie time at Massey with Lightfoot

well last night's show was recorded in HD with 7 could be a documentary in the making if all goes well with the decision maker....or it could end up as a very very expensive home movie.
Both nights have been incredible. Gord's voice is rich sounding, he's relaxed and glad to be home. The dynamic onstage is electric...Carter is like a kid in a candy shop smiling grinning and having a ball.. The horseshoe he found has him playing on tour with The Massey Hall and on the second night it's all recorded for the ages.!!!!
I'm gonna rub him for luck tonight and then go buy a lottery ticket. He's wonderfully talented so I'm sure that had lots to do with it. LOL
Mike, Barry and Rick are doing different little things in their ow way and some songs seem newer and sound 'pickier'...Carters playing adds a different dimension to the sound.
Thoughts of Terry are are with all of us...his walking onstage clapping his hands and waving with that big happy smile are a part of our collective memories forever.

I see lots of spam but don't have time to get to it...things to do, people to meet, a jam at the pub to get to and concert 3 or 4 later tonight..

oh my - I think I'm just as lucky as Carter.
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