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Default Concert in Flagstaff AZ

I saw this on Facebook today. Posted by Dan B Swartz who was in attendance:

Not to alarm anyone, but Gordon nearly passed out performing tonight, midway through his first set. They rushed out on stage with oxygen, and after a few minutes he insisted on continuing the show. Stubborn. The altitude here in Flagstaff is over 7,000 feet. It obviously got to Gordon. Out of respect for the dignity of Gordon, I did not photograph him when he was keeled over in distress. Sadly, many did take photos. Ugh. attending Gordon Lightfoot at Ardrey Auditorium at NAU Ardrey Memorial Auditorium.

Hopefully it was nothing to worry about and the tour will continue as well as the show.

Was anyone here at the show? I know Borderstone lives out that way but he's already posted his own sad concert tale.

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