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Default Re: Photos from daughter's visit to "Massey Hall"

Originally Posted by Dave, Melbourne,Australia View Post
My daughter just had a 5-week holiday in the USA and Canada, including Toronto. Before she left Australia, she asked what I would like her to bring home for me. I said a photo of Massey Hall. She went there on Dec12, but couldn't find the under-refurbishment concert hall (apparently nearby apartment dwellers didn't know either!) and two photos of the Massey Tower Residences (197 Yonge St) were all she brought home.
Massey Hall is half a block north of The Massey Towers condo development..At the lights at the intersection had she looked to her right she'd see it covered in scaffolding and netting...
on the map where it says ELGIN there is a grey area - that is the Massey Towers location.. and right above it you will see Massey Hall location.. she was SO close...GOOGLE would lhave helped

massey map by char Westbrook, on Flickr
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