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Default Gold 2 in Jennings Book

I finished the Jennings book tonight. I've been up late every night unable to put it down. I was most impressed with the straightforward presentation of the material, and he definitely did a great job of making it "neither hagiography nor a hatchet job," as he said he would.

I wanted the book to be at least 50% longer, just because I want to know more. At times
I couldn't understand why he'd described this or that concert, which I guess made me assume he must have been there and wanted to talk about it.

I wanted a bit more commentary on each album overall, but what surprised me the most was that Gold Vol 2 was completely skipped over, as if it never happened. Gold 2 isn't my favorite, because I think every original album recording is better than the 1988 remake. (Whereas I think he improved most of the songs he re-recorded for Gold, which is saying a lot!)

Anyone have any idea why Gold 2 would be completely overlooked? Jennings explains why he did new recordings for Gold. Why for Gold 2?
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