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Default Re: It's on!! BBC 4 - Lightfoot 1972 show

This sure is one amazing thread.

I have to say that it by far my very favourite on the board and it seems many others as well judging by the number of views it has.

It's an interesting feeling and a very joyful one also that sometimes during the day's activities, whether it be out shopping or doing something else the thought will enter my mind that "when I get home I'm going to the computer and bring up that BBC thread." The anticipation factor kicks in and when the concert begins it just keeps getting better each time.

I guess a lot of the joy emanates from the early days when I could see it for real right here in town. Lucky boy am I.

There's one part I love to watch and it's almost surreal in fact I want to share and that's the part in "Minstrel of the Dawn" when Gord is into the lyric "and if you see a ghost don't be surprised."

The way the camera subtly brings in the focus on Red Shea just sends the goosebumps to an all time level of high. It's a magnificent piece of artistic skill and interestingly "Minstrel of the Dawn" word has it was written about Red himself. It's highly unlikely the camera person would have known that.

Another interesting part is at the end of the song, when the applause is happening you see Gord taking off the Gibson B45-12 string when in fact MOTD is played on the Martin 6 string. I guess it's just the way the filming was pieced together to make it work best.

Just an observation from this lighthead2toe guy who feels very "lightheaded" today.

What can I say other that it's a "Lightfoot" day today!

Bring on those Massey shows!
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