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Default Re: Memories of Massey (Massey Hall Memories?) - LIVE cd - April release

Originally Posted by seafarer62 View Post
Wonderful news that the "Massey Memories" CD will be out on April 17. I was reviewing the set lists from May 1998 through May 2001. Quite a few songs haven't been played much since those days. There are some really good "rarities", including:

* That Same Old Obsession
* Nighttime
* Drifters
* On Susan's Floor
* Cherokee Bend
* Sit Down Young Stranger
* Cold on the Shoulder
* Forgive Me Lord
* Heaven Don't Deserve Me
* I'd Do Anything
* Uncle Toad Said
* Ring Them Bells
* Ode to Big Blue
* Ghosts of Cape Horn
* Minstrel of the Dawn
you didn't make out very well on your wish list, eh? me neither
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