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Hi Annie,

I know that as a trained Professional with many years experience in your field, you are keen to continue in the area you feel comfortable. But the truth is that you have developed many research skills that would be marketable in many fields.

For example you have the best skill of anyone I know in finding information on the Internet ( I do know lots of people !!!!.. lol ). ( none of us are safe.. from Annie )

My suggestion is that you use these skills to help people to find things, an area where this can be really useful is in the research of Family Trees. Many people, world wide, are now trying to find their roots, and working to produce Family Trees. Most of this information is hidden on the Internet, just about everything. Also things like War Service Records, many families have pictures of their Parents, Grand Parents on the Wall, and would love to attack service records and other information to the pictures. Most ex Servicemen never spoke to their families about their experiences.

Annie, create a web page and tell people you can research all of this information for them. I know you can do it, and I know people want this information, all we have to do is put you together. You donít need a stuffy old library to ply your skills, do it on the Computer.

All the best Annie, donít let your skills waste.

( I know all of this is none of my Business, but maybe something Iíve said will give you an idea, and weíre all friends and supporters )

Keep Smiling.. Ron.
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