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Default Re: ...Or another way to play with this Forum

hmmm, a rebuttal, rm

- i don't think we'll see a mass of performers actually covering all of Gord's catalogue (although Kefera may accomplish this singlehandedly!) but it will make it hard to see what songs are covered or not when presented 'by performer'

- i was hoping no performances would get buried, either way ...if threads are comprised of mainly a list of links plus each performer name then it should be easy to sift down a thread and not have to click through pages and pages ...that said, how does one paste a link to a youtube clip without "embedding" an image of the video right in the thread? (which takes up several inches of monitor viewing area) - is there no way to just have the url appear and take up a mere one line in the thread?

- if presented by performer, what if one clicks on a performance and deems it not to their liking so they end up missing other wonderful covers by the same performer buried deeper in the thread? for eg, if rm was clicking on a cover performance by an unknown Gordon Lightfoot and the song was Canary Yellow Canoe? rm, might write off the rest of the performer's efforts and move on, and miss out on great performances buried deeper in the thread....any case there, rm?

- btw, i would separate threads from amateur from professionally recorded covers but i guess it's hard to draw the line, eh?

i can see this thread will end as a scene from 12 Angry Men (& Women), lol

anyhow, jj will go with the's the canuck way (we're really just sheep!)
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