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Originally Posted by charlene View Post
she speaks of her family: (ugh Katie Couric.ugh)
YouTube - Shania Twain - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Today Show)
I agree with you on all counts, Char. She's gorgeous, gifted, and a survivor - you don't see many "backbones" like that anymore (me included, unfortunately). I remember seeing a "Biography" program which the Bio Channel reruns every so often. She talked about having to get her younger brothers and sisters down to a stream every day for their morning ablutions before making sure they got to school. (All I could think of was - must have been super in the wintertime!) I'll miss the great videos she and her ex produced, but hey, maybe without him, she'll make even better ones! In the "Biography" show, they said that "That Don't Impress Me None" was one of the most expensive videos of that time. My fave is "Feel Like a Woman" - the new millenium's version of "I am Woman" only fun!

And speaking of "MS. COURIC" and her ilk, I saw a clip just this morning of the "Today" show (her "alma mater") in which a tape was shown of two trucks - one t-boned into the other and the man standing next to the truck that was hit was thrown under the vehicle. Viera stated that she hoped he recovered soon, he had a lot to look forward to - he was getting married. The "jaw dropping" portion occurred as Al Roker and Matt Lauer starting joking about it , saying "Well, if he can survive a wreck like that, he'll be able to survive marriage", somments like that, like a couple of prepubescent boys. Viera moved in and stopped them, thank God! I've worked in law offices and participated in black humor, but it wasn't broadcast on national tv! What must his parents, not to mention his fiancee, have felt hearing those comments? Ooops, I digressed, sorry....

So, has anyone seen Shania in person? I saw a clip from her Chicago concert, but that was a few years back. Sure hope I get to take in one of her concerts....SherylKat
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