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Originally Posted by MistyMoppens View Post
Do you happen to know if there has been a book written about that or perhaps a film?
the film was a typical celeb bio production, neither Oscar worthy nor as feeble as an after school's a clip

YouTube - Flash do filme "Shania: A Life In Eight Albums" - Shania Twain

that is Megan Follows (when younger, played Anne of Green Gables) portraying her mother

there are a few books...with the wealth of articles, tweetings, blogs and home movies out there on the internet, I haven't found an urge to hunt down any celeb bios in the past few decades

those are some quality home movies, happy 44th

yeah, she's put some food on the tables of hungry kids

she can handle a chain saw, doesn't take any crap, calls all the shots when it comes to her brand, a real force she is

the Lange/Twain pop songwriting/production tandem will be missed, always enjoyed the tight live band Mutt assembled...this is a live raw clip I always dug

YouTube - Biggers & Summers Show Shania Twain Schafer Malachowski

and this one is probably the first time i saw her on local tv

YouTube - Shania Twain - What Made You Say That - Dini Petty 1993

ugh, Mutt married a smokin' gal who practices sexual abstinence...MEDIC!!!

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