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byKimberly -

Point well made. OK, so I am enamoured of the rich recordings with orchestral arrangements in the 70's primarily...

And, by Gord's own admission he he wanted GG1 to have a re-creation of his historic television production of CRT with full orchestra, despite these facets, yes !, such simple acoustic and voice is wonderful. I loved EOM acoustic as you say with only Gordon and one guitar live in concert.

I think of, in its purest form, Oh Linda, from Lightfoot! as I [think] Jennifer mentioned enjoying for the first time in months past; and FFWD to DRS, and the first 1/2 of Make Way For the Lady.

Just as you said, Gordon and a guitar. Captivating, as I enthused to Jennifer when I reccomended it as a listen with some bluesy/jazzy overtones in both, and with the voice and guitar only !

Yes, Gordon can pull it off so uniquely. As I said, and I doubt for the first time of him; he OWNS his genre ! Good point and thanks - you're right !

geo Steve
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