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it is a shame in a way. I feel this way with any artist or group of any kind. you hear these so called singles on the radio and if they make a full album you only hear just what single is rleased. I've had a good deal of familliarity with his work due to the albums my parents have. such as the 1975 GG released. the IYCRMM album, the best song off that 1 is baby it's alright. the Summertime Dream LP and while I don't want to put down the Edmunton Fitzgerald song I probably like some of the other track like I Do It Again and the title track. we still have out Phonogragh Record at home and I was going to put that 1 on along with the UA best of release I didn't know existed in our house and had been blessed to have heard the original recordings of EMR, W&W CRT, never heard BDIJ till playing this 1. Now the Phono doesn't work. bummer!
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