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Well I have no doubt that many of Gord's songs are older than the album on which they first appeared.
For example "Go My Way" was released in 1971 on Summer Side Of Life but I distinctly remember being smitten by the song when I first heard it at a concert at McGill University Montreal in 1969 before I returned to the UK.I(I also recall being disappointed that it was not on 1970's IYCRMM)(in the SSOL sheet music book it is shown as being copyrighted to Warner Bros Inc in 1966 and 1971)
And I also heard "Me and Bobby Magee on CBC Radio's Charlottetown Festival broadcast in October 1969 long before the Sit Down
Young Stranger/IYCRMM album was released in 1970
In the case of "Cape Horn" according to Wayne Frances' chronology:-
in 1979
"Lightfoot provides the title song for the documentary, Ghosts Of Cape Horn."
several songs fom the 1964-1966 WB demos collection made it to official albums rather later in particular TOO MUCH TO LOSE eventually surfacing on Songbook in 1999 along with several older recordings of course
John Fowles
And I found I could not hold her
One day when I grew older
She took on a fine young skipper
Who soon run her up on a boulder

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