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First and foremost, I'm a true Lightfoot fan. Have been since 1969. I still listen to Gord more than anyone else. Over and over, and I don't get tired of his music.

In all these years, very few artists have ignited my enthusiasm like Gord has. I enjoy Bob Dylan (some, not all), I like Bruce Springsteen, some Nanci Griffith, was a big Stan Rogers fan and others.

I never thought I'd come across anyone that excited me as much as Gord but much to my surprise I did about a year ago in the music of Rufus Wainwright (who I was delighted to see at Massey Hall last December). He's not like Gord in too many ways, but his lyrics are off-beat/original and he doesn't fit in the pop mold.

Anyway, I'd love to read about your favourite artists and why.

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