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Actually, I believe that Gord's music, new and old, could and should get air time on a number of different radio station genres. But we don't hear Gord's music anywhere near as often as we should on any station, at least here in America. I think it just comes down to what the majority of the fans want to hear. It's unfortunate, but I believe that the overwhelming majority of fans out there, especially in the U.S., fall for the "big names" (not that Gord isn't, but you know what I mean) and they aren't bold enough to listen to anything but what's in style. If the stations want to stay in business, they had better play the current fads.

I don't want to sound like I'm downing all currently popular music. I am a country fan and a lot of it is really good, however, I think it would be hard to convince a DJ to give Gord airtime instead of the Dixie Chicks or Tim McGraw. The whole thing is really typical. The problem I think is that Gord just writes from his heart and the melodies are in his own unique style. That's the problem, Gord has such a unique style of music that you're left with the question, what station should be playing this stuff? The answer is easy, it could be played on a lot of stations and it happens all the time. We hear Faith Hill on pop stations constantly. But then, Faith is in the limelight right now and is singing those catchy tunes that the public grabs on to. Gord's music is so deep that sometimes it takes a few listens to really appreciate how good it is. There are Gord songs that I didn't really think much of at first, but now some of them are my favorites and I wonder to myself what the hell was going through my head the first few times I listened to them that I didn't see how incredibly talented Gord is to have written them. But the general public and the radio stations aren't going to give a song that kind of a chance. He did have that success in the past, though, with tunes like If You Could Read My Mind, Sundown, Carefree Highway. Most people aren't interested if a song doesn't catch their attention right away. And notice how you don't seem to hear Gord singing Early Morning Rain on an oldies station, but you might hear Peter, Paul, & Mary's version. This is kind of good for us in a way, it makes Gord's music all the more special to listen to.
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