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Default Re: Juno week in Canada

Ya know ii wouldn't be surprised if that lead Arcade Fire guy was a part time serial killer! Lol

Well, bringing all my bloggings (is that what these are?) back home to Lighfoot segment, I really think that given the upbeat cool youthful vibe of the evening, that perhaps the heartwrenching IYCRMM wasn't the right pick, nor the classy and sweet voiced Slean!/item/157e5/Luke+Doucet+-+Sundown

I think if they went with another very signature Gord tune instead (ie. Sundown with Luke on lead vox with incredible Gordish studio harmonies provided by Cuddy in the choruses and acoustic guitar rhythms while Luke and Keelor exchanged nasty e-lead work) well, I'm pretty sure I'd be giving a different review

And the nation's eardrums would still be beating....

ps) char, my fave part of the Mclachlan act was the drummer

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