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Default Re: Juno week in Canada

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
Drake is a Bautista..but without the bat..
Shania may dispute that come morning. heh heh

she is starting to get a Gabor squint

I think Bautista has the higher maintenance unibrow (compared to Drake, i mean, not Twain, lol)

Yeah. I shouldve called it a young Goods moment ie. Sadies- some say the best Canuck band over the decade

I must have overlooked a Neil album and tour this year

Maybe he said "I'll only fly up if you also give me Artist of the Year"

Nice to see Adams there too. Today two of his songs from Reckless came on the radio and had me re-realizing what a voice and hooks plus perfect lyrics for teen lust and hurt filled males to soak up and do their bestest air mic and guitar to (whereas American teens and Cruise did same to Seger)
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