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Default Re: Sorry, I'm Canadian - Lightfoot references

Originally Posted by Yuri View Post
Both Ontario’s centennial contribution (Give Us a Place to Stand) and Bobby Gimby’s Centennial song (Can-a-da, We Love Thee...), were hard to escape in 1967
I have no idea who Bobby Gimby was or is but I do know that I was very lucky to be in Montreal during that magical year 1967.
Not only did I get to see Gord at the New Penelope coffee bar after he had appeared at the Expo 67 site on Sunday 21 May but
having an inexpensive Expo passport I was able to go on the St Helens Island site very many times, partly to see the great fireworks displays put on every evening but also to visit a replica British pub complete with gorgeous real UK Ale,.
However the main purpose of going was of course to visit as many of the pavilions as possible.
I saw most and my most enduring memories are two from the wonderfully designed UK Pavilion
Firstly there was a full scale Rolls Royce Olympus jet engine (as was about to power the Concorde) mounted vertically above a circular mirror with a spiral staircase around it around which young lads used to dally hoping that a young lady would walk up affording delightful prospects as it were.
Next was a gaily decorated Mini with a Union Jack painted onto its roof and the car radio blaring out the familiar (to Brits) weather forecast Finistere,Lundy.Wight, Bight etc
However I recall being highly impressed by the Ontario Pavilion and its lively film presentation "A Place To Stand"
Somewhere here I have the 45 rpm single of the pavilion's film's theme song that i think is in a pile waiting to be digitised for my own pleasure.

on my pathetic dial up this picture is taking several thousand ages to download
yet on my my Nokia N800 "wondertoy" on broadband it was instantly viewable
So if you lose patience try right clicking the actual picture URL and then "Save Target As"
I tried to find it in order to at least scan the picture sleeve for this reply, but when I failed to find it I resorted to doing a google image search and found:-
which not only had a full scan of the sleeve but also features a real player plug in to play the actual theme song .Magic!!
"Click the On Air image for A Place to Stand audio presentation."

that should be a clickable image exactly as shown on the web page
click it and it should then open a real Audio file so you can hear the catchy theme song yourself.
This was a pionering film
"presenting about an hour-and-a-half of footage in its 18-minute running time."
using what the director called
"his multi-dynamic image technique, a groundbreaking multiple screen, variable picturepresentation that allows viewers to see many images within different panels, up to 15 scenes simultaneously on one screen."
It was as anybody here who saw it on the full 66 feet wide by 30 feet high screen will definitely remember, simply astounding
I meant no one no harm

"Sir" John Fowles Bt
(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet)

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