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Default Re: Sorry, I'm Canadian - Lightfoot references

Originally Posted by buzzard View Post
CBC giving up on the Hockey Night in Canada theme was a huge blunder
I'd rather have CBC cave and give Ron McLean his salary request (which they did, and he is worth it) than cave this time and dish out a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money to keep the jingle in their hands my opinion they don't need this new contest (but nice to get fans involved) since Stompin Tom has us all set already

I believe the HNIC tune earned a $500 royalty each time played, which seemed like a reasonable sum but if the composer's agent was able to pull $5M from CTV, hat's off to 'em'll be played on TSN broadcasts and during the Olympic coverage, also in TSN hands (who also have Brian Williams for the upcoming event) ...CTV should make an offer for Bob Cole and Harry Neale for all I care...and please take Joe Bowan too, lol

I've had to hang on to old HNIC tradition in my mind ever since they started having the tune segue into that "It's Saturday Night"(?) song anyhow but I've always liked when they have a local minor hockey team shout out to open the show, and Hockey Day in Canada is a good thing

yeah, when the Satellite Hot Stove (I feel like I'm watching CNN) replaced the actual Lounge and when the Leafs left the Gardens and when they replaced Paul Morris with Andy Frost as PA guy and when Dave Hodge left and when the Hewitt (Foster, Bill, Ron) family was no more and when they baby blue CBC blazers (lol) where no more and when, etc, etc.... I sound slike an old fart

Each have our vivid memories and perhaps Leaf channel classic telecasts to preserve the past but as far as go forward tradition, to me, watching a show telecast from Air Canada Centre is like going to Roy Thomson Hall (instead of Massey) to see Gord

btw, I don't think it was mentioned (and would mean nothing to non-Canucks) but a thank you to the recently deceased Don Chevrier and Don Whitman for their work over the years, Cassie Campbell has hard shoes to fill

it sounds like a great show Buzzard I've got a nice Don Messer VHS commemorative videotape, PM me if you want a copy, I'm assuming it still works...not sure if it's available from CBC Shop but Here's Looking at Us is an interesting book that has a nice Messer section

I never really complained when Messer (and other 'fogey' stuff was put on the TV, basically because it was the only channel we got, lol

btw, I've always liked Stompin Tom's C-A-N-A-D-A tune ("ever seen a lady on a dollar bill?" )

I miss King of Kensington, The Beachcombers and Rita McNeil...Rita was the last show that allowed us to see live (mostly) Canadian talent on CBC...if you watch Sunday Morning then you might see a wee live clip of a Canadian musical act but other than that you have to go to CTV to see Idol for up and coming singers, and now, fortunately 'instrumentalists' also...I wish they would telecast a weekly show from Hugh's Room or create a similar atmosphere in the Glenn Gould theatre and broadcast from there

I feel all CBC tradition will have died when the Vinyl Cafe is gone from radio...ok, what a tangent I've been on here, lol

Yuri, you're "scratching record" reference is a hoot, it wouldn't surprise me...yoh yoh...there was a good article in the Star about how to approach the song writing jingle attempt

lastly, when relatives come over, they ask me when I will teach their wee kids some piano stuff...without failure, everytime I ask their various sets of kids what they want to learn (ie. puff the magic dragon, nursery rhyme tunes, avril levigne, lol, etc) they always say "I want to learn that Hockey Song, pleeease"

I don't even really know how to play it but all I have to do is pound out that 5 note hook and instantly their faces light up, then they all jump about like crazy ...what an infectious jingle, indeed! but yeah, I'd rather CBC put the dollars they saved into new productions

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