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After discovering Amadeus is Gord's favourite movie I wanted to elaborate a little further and thought it best to move into the Small Talk forum as I tend to get a tad carried away when things start rolling for me on the keyboard.

As mentioned in the General Discussion forum the DVD package I have includes two discs, A&B. The B one is the Director's Cut. The A one the movie.

There were approximately 1400 actors screened for this film.

Tom Hulce, the final choice to play the role of Mozart had to compete with a formidable group of contenders including David Bowie, Kenneth Branagh and Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Although being nominated for an Oscar, it went to F Murray Abraham, the actor playing "Salieri."
F Murray's acceptance speech ended by saying "there's only one thing missing for me tonight and that is to have Tom Hulce standing by my side.

Both Murray and Tom said that throughout the film they began to feel like they were becoming the real character.

Murray says "it happens that when you embody a character like we did, it happens that you carry it over. We were living a life a little bit like those two characters."

Elizabeth Berridge who played the role of Constanze, Mozart's wife said regarding Tom:"he was so much in the head of Mozart."
When the film was wrapped up they shared a living space together for a while and she said "he was a very different man. He was transformed into Mozart."

Sir Neville Marriner the musical conductor said when approached by director Milos Forman that he would do it under one condition: "not one note of the music be changed."
Having to learn to play keyboard Tom Hulce worked 3 to four hours each day for several months in order to get the music correct. And that he did. Milos said "he never hits a wrong key."

A quote from"USA Today: "about as close to perfection as movies get."

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