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Tims at Fort Knos:
photo at link..

U.S. Soldiers line up at the new Fort Knox Tim Hortons outlet located on the U.S. military base in Kentucky. (Photo supplied by Tim Hortons) Tim Hortons' coffee is as good as gold.

Now the Canadian coffee giant has a restaurant secured inside the fort famous for guarding America's gold bullion.

The iconic doughnut chain announced today it had opened a restaurant at Fort Knox.

Open 24-hours a day, the Kentucky army facility's Tims will serve the 30,000 soldiers, relatives and civilians who live and work on the base.

U.S. civilians have already had a taste of Tim Hortons with 500 locations south of the border.

“Tim Hortons is privileged to serve at Fort Knox, one of the world’s most respected military bases,” David Clanachan, Tim Hortons Inc. chief operations officer for U.S. and International, stated in a press release today. “Our long-standing relationship with troops is expanding to include other international forces in Afghanistan, as well as American soldiers who already know Tim Hortons from their hometowns."

Seven Canadian military bases already have Tim Hortons and since 2006, British, American and Canadian troops have been able to chow down on Tim Hortons in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The company even offers a special Afghanistan edition of Roll Up the Rim so soldiers can win free coffee, computers, cash and other prizes.
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