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I read about that guy!
I don't know what water Tim's sells (I don't buy bottled water due to the pollution factor of mfg. bottles and bottles in dumps etc. and the environmental cost of getting the water, bottling it, transporting it etc.) but it could be just plain old tap water that's been ionized or whatever they do to it. Lots of brands of bottled water do that.
Check it out, you might save yourself some money on water and gas..(per gallon, water is much more expensive to buy than gas!)

I have well water...but this area has high iron which isn't oo tasty. And the pipes in this house are yucky! There's a town well where we can fill up for .50...but it's the same water out of my tap (minus the yucky pipes). There's also a local bottler (Village Springs)...but it's all the same water again, with the high iron. The well water at my friend's house in the next town is much better and a newer artisian well (is her landlord's main business) so I fill up containers when I go there.

There's just nothing like the sweet taste of mountain spring water and the free sources I've gone to are long capped off (because they disn't want to keep having to monitor for bacteria). I miss that and washing my face and hair. Don't even need soap/shampoo because the minerals clean so much better.

And I reuse the plastic bottle then toss them in the recycling bin. I see on my bottle from TH that there's a deposit/return in Maine only. ok so according to the label, the natural spring water source is Hillsburgh, Erin, On, CA.
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