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That was fun to watch !!!

I stopped in last week for some bottles of water (the manager wasn't there, so I couldn't buy a case ) and then I just HAD to have the turkey club...even though I had just scooted over from McDonald's for a snack wrap. Then I saw the sign hanging from the ceiling...blueberry donuts!!! mmmmmmmm

As much as I love TH's, I really miss the Bess Eaton donut shop (raspberry jelly-filled light corn muffins ). The owner was awesome and whenever I stopped in he'd special decorate donuts and muffins for me . And we always chatted about hiking. The staff was soooo fun and friendly! We were always horsing around from the time I'd pull up to place my order. Which had all started that one morning when I ordered a small pizza with black olives and onions without even realizing I had .

Glad to have a TH's nearby and I buy my Canadian cuz one of the big cans of coffee and gift certificates every XMas.
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