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Default Re: Goodbye Patrick and Ricardo!

Originally Posted by SilverHeels View Post
Have always been a fan of Patrick McGoohan - those blue eyes! Last year I visited Portmeirion in N. Wales, to see The Village. Number Six's house is now the Gift Shop. We fooled around on the beach with a giant white balloon and we kept greeting other visitors with 'Be seeing ya'. Stupid, I know. We talked about whether Patrick might visit there again. Now he never will, but his spirit is there, for sure.

I hadnt heard about Ricardo Montalban.
Many thanks for the heads up Annie.
I really enjoyed Magoohan's work on both the Prisoner and before that on Danger Man and checked the Beeb's obit finding to my surprise that he was actually born in the NYC borough of Queens
I am getting out of touch with obituaries from the UK because my daily bulletin from the UK's Daily Telegraph
mysteriously ceased several months ago yet when I checked their site my free subscription still is listed, I even tried changing to another email address to no avail.All very distressing as I did nothing that I know of to merit this and there is no block on their URL.Neither do any of my Google alerts arrive and as strange not a single advice of any replies to topics on corfid to which I have subscribed has appeared in my inbox for about the same lengty of time
Am I alone in this problem which has really p...ed me off
So if anybody found a reason for this I would be overjoyed to find the solution

Regarding the village of Portmeiron
on the Northern Welsh coast I regettably missed a chance to visit many years ago when surveying a building for a chilmney erection contract at a site at a nearby town
)I think it was most likely Aberystwyth)
sample coloUrful view below of the town of Portmeirion

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