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Thanks, folks!

Sir John - great! Of Course it was fine to post the alternate biography. Obviously I've had a lot of things slide as this has gone along. I really do expect to come out on the other side. When this all started the hematologist said to still count on a couple more decades and I'm still thinking that way. BTW - were you an atheist you couldn't pray. Agnostics are another story. You could pray and think you might be talking to yourself....

Bill - sorry to hear that woth your mom. We went through nine years of dementia with my mom and a long bout of Alzheimer's with my father-in-law. It's not easy and even under the circumstances the end isn't easy either.

Oh - you can see my address and phone on that abck of teh CD. If you need an E-mail it's

Thanks, everyone. The suppor helps loads and I remain optimistic even while I'm muttering "hurry up already".... And I'm still hanging in at work....
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