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Having been in contact with my fellow NJ resident,Steve, with a view to resurrecting his old website (which is actually archived at:- ) I am extremely upset to hear his news, and as a confirmed agnostic I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for him.We had hoped to meet at the recent Morristown NJ concert and at my prodding he had got great second row seats next to the two we had got for Susan's sister
He was then unable to attend due to the onset of his illness and the treatment but fortunately his tix were gratefully bought by Bruna/silverheels, so she and her friend were at the last minute able to get great seats
Steve had passed me a spare copy of his superb debut CD
"Taking The Moon For A Walk" and after the concert as promised I passed it on to The Man himself together with a letter of explanation suggesting that he should listen to at least the title track with a view to solving his current lack of time and inclination to devote to writing new songs for another CD.
I followed this up at a later concert to be told politely that he had a pile of (such) CDs a foot high to plough through but at least he appeared to remember my letter which I took to be a good sign although he did not actually admit to reading it!!
Meanwhile I had made good quality mp3s of all ten tracks on Steve's CD
and in another thread
I had given links to 4 of them as repeated here by JJ.
As I had said in that thread I am trying to make time (not easy when in my retirement I find so many projects to do) to complete the job of recreating a fully functional version of Steve's original website using the details in that internet archive set as linked above. I also need to get Steve to revise his "bio" page as it was obviously written a long time ago.
I did say in that thread that I had however created a spoof of such a revision which is at:-
Sorry Steve I could not resist repeating that link, not having heard from you to tell me if you approved it or not
I can now think of two recommendations for corfiddlers that should help him in his predicament
  1. as many as possible should shell out the small sum of $15.00
    for which they will receive the most excellent and varied CD
    Perhaps Steve could reply by stating how many thousand copies he has stashed away in his garage or basement!!
    Also in that thread I had displayed a scan of Steve's CD's rear insert

    which features Steve's home address and telephone number which has been on public display previously in that thread and of which again Steve raised no objections so
  2. give him a call I suspect that evenings might be best as I having tried him during the day today he was out (possibly receiving treatment)
There will be a lot here thinking of you Steve so keep your chin up!!!

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