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Originally Posted by fezo View Post
For those that pray I would really appreciate a mention. Those that do not maybe have a good thought or so for me. If a few agnostics are out there a "hey, if your up there" would be appreciated.
<snip> -I did read it all fezo....
I have something called myleodyspalstic sydrome. You don't know how isolated you feel until you meet the threapy dog and realize how much of you is in that dog and your relating to it.

Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading.
Fezo - you bet I'll keep you in mind, and openly state I will say prayers for you and your family. I know personally, as so many of us Corfidians do - how hard...medical can be that is protracted over time... I won;t distastefully mention too much detail of mine and my wife's...but if it is any inspiration - we have been told... and now I and my daughter have been told, that what I and My wife, and our daughter , living in "hospital house" while in her teen years 15 - 19, such a hard time for her, makes me think of your girls... I feel so much for you and family.

What I forgot to finish there was a tremendous number of people locally, including my doctors, my wife's former doctors...and all our good friends, including some extremely kind people that patiently listened to me here in corfid for so long,,,,from not quite being able to type or think well in 2006 or so, to writing way too much and spelling and ...goll-dern it driving people nuts with the skills that returned to me after my own climbing and then car accidents, 9 surgeries now, and then all my wife's trouble before she passed, I hear ya man, I hear ya 10 years in total of non-stop unbelievable odds medical, with no common a Job's test..... point is...... I can never fully appreciate what you are going thru without ambling 100 yards in your hospital slippers...but I have some sense... from listening to you... I think you're situation must be so hard...

my offering is twofold - my daughter and I will pray for you and family..I'll ask my daughter to pray for your daughters strength to endure in there young lives as well... and 2.) Just let you know, that no matter how unbelievably hard it gets....the love, help, and good people out of nowhere...start gradually pouring into your life....are you on-line with your County services at Human Services ? I had Douglas County Government here- my employer - that waited ten years for me to be able to work....State of Colorado as well.... there will be phenomenally wonderful ppl in your life if not allready , if your experience is anything like mine; it sounds so much worse.,,... but they say each individuals pain and trouble is the worst in the world- because its happening to THEM... and their family... I learned that about my daughter after I was able to re-learn how to think again from head injury, I mean no detail on my situation, just concepts...

it WILL get better, I've been told by SO many ppl that (religious or not) they have said - you know, you must have 9 lives, and somebody, something, somewhere, HAS TO HAVE A PURPOSE for you still being alive, there is a plan for you...hang in there and know it will become known at some time, maybe helping others as you say....after watching my father in Hospice, I've thought of becoming an ombudsman I think they are called, but in any event- visiting families hanging on by a thread medically, especially with children- who can't understand 'why their family"?. You bet you have our prayers my friend, and when I am on my feet again - 2 more things to get thru my way...and lots of talk....and for my daughter to...lots of talk...secondary victims they are called - the children, the wives, the husbands, but when it is both wife and husband, the children suffer so in a different way.... but I have watched it all make my daughter AN INCREDIBLY STRONG businesswoman... successful, determined, a climber.....hard worker...good ethics...kindness... after several years of bitter teenage-hood of why us ?

It'll all come around you watch fezo, no one goes thru that much without there being a reason, no matter what you believe in ....intelligent design, whatever....there is a reason.. so hang on to these thoughts if they comfort you...because they are turning true in whats left of my family..... all I mean is I lost my wife....but U are the subject here..... you will make it....don't hesitate to "not be strong" all the time - us men are taught to be stoic, strong, not cry - thats hooey - we're human - so give yourself a break....and seriously - almost all but agricultural counties have a noteworthy Human Services Department, branches of State as well, and they have a wide range of Support, Money, advocates to talk too, (I'd have gone nuts without my advocates, of a few kinds)....SSDI, state disabled funds for ppl awaiting SSDI, etc, and the County I live in and have worked (off and on) so long for.. after another county and state and fed agencies that totalled 13 years before this gov agency I am in now....and they wait...and wait.. and don't give up...makes you feel like there is a reason...and there are good things waiting when you get better..

.OK I've talked your ear off, but your story touched my heart in hearing so many of the similar things - even help in total on meds over $4,000/month for free, well, with assistnce, after my insurance ranout of lifetime max benefit, and my car insurance medical (which I had at triple normal) exhausted too, but the help when I could not work at many times off and on now at DOUGLAS....tells me there are still lots of good ppl in the world...and so many that care....the 1 in 50 that are special make up for the 49 that don't care.... forget them.... and hang in there...will be thinking of you and family, and as the others said - keep us informed....and I take it you listen to Lightfoot therapeutically as I have for so long ? Its amazing what that can do as well.... OK man hang tuff, and conversely, you don't HAVE to be strong... get that support network broad enouogh to spread out the stresses and ...things to solve and figure out every month....have ppl involved with you on that , if you don't mind my advice - its a little late for me to ask care and keep the faith....

'geo" steve & daughter Mamie
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