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Thanks. folks. I knew I could count on this crowd.

Very happy to hear from someone who is reading the Goodman biography! Really weird to read that as a short guy named Steve who plays (though not anywhere in his league) and has screwed up blood. I really don't want to join the bone marrow transplant club but you do what you've gotta do. Another couple of months before we could be looking at that. I've actually E-mail ed the author, Clat Eals a few times. Nice guy. If he ever comes back this was promoting the book (he did an East Coast tour but before I knew about the book) he'll have me play Goodman music at teh signing. That would be way cool. I sent him a copy of my CD and he wrote me a really nice review. MAkes up for a lot of negative going on.

Had another transfusion yesterday. That's about 15 in a year and a half. Regular 9 - 5 experience.

I have to keep going - even though I'm 57 I have young kids. I started late and kept going... 19 down to 7. All girls. 4 of them.
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