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Default Keep me in mind

For those that pray I would really appreciate a mention. Those that do not maybe have a good thought or so for me. If a few agnostics are out there a "hey, if your up there" would be appreciated.

I have something called myleodyspalstic sydrome. This means that down on the stem cell level my bone marrow isn't producing enough decent blood. I'm on thousands of dollars of medication that mostly get paid for by insurance and one that doesn't to the tune of $6K a month which is more than my gross income. Fortunately in that case the drug company stepped up to cover it.

But while, yes, this does cost money even with insurance money is not what I'm looking for (don't test this by sending me any). I'm looking for the prayers and thoughts and I'm also looking for folks to do the everyday things that will save a life of someone who don't know. Hey it could be me ("ALL I knew about Steve was that he liked Gordon Lightfoot a lot") You know a lot of this - give blood. I have to do day long transfusions every two weeks right now. I've become aware at just how much of this they need. The hospital has been getting it from all over. Today I got a unit from San Juan. My Spanish isn't any better. Fill a donor donation card. I don't think anyone is going to want much of my body parts when I no longer use them but they are quite welcome to them once I'm done with them.

Maybe look for a spot volunteering in a hospital to hang out with people like me whose battle during the day of the transfusion is boredom. I read, listen to my Ipod and watch a tiny bit of daytime TV. You don't know how isolated you feel until you meet the threapy dog and realize how much of you is in that dog and your relating to it.

Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading.
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