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Well starting off with the Dixie Chicks
(which I've heard some guys make jokes by taking the C-H and putting it on the 1st name
and then put the "D" on the second. ) I'll let you guys figure it out,but it's not very nice! :D

I think they're okay and I could care less about any singer or groups political stances. I'v neevr bought any Cd's though,so while their okay,I wouldn't go as far as buying any.

Cathy,no,I recall Ronnie Milsap very well. On the radio in '81 (age 13) I heard "There's No Gettin' Over Me" & "Any Day Now". In '82 then,"I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World".

Our former local video channel,61, actually played the 1983 single,"Stranger In My House" video. First time I'd ever seen him and then knew he couldn't see.

This was his most popular time on the pop charts:

1977- It Was Almost Like a Song #16 (I have the LP).
1981-There's No Gettin' Over Me #5
1981-Smoky Mountain Rain #24 (Got this song last.)
1982-Any Day Now #14
1982-I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World #20
1983-Stranger In My House #23

Just this past December,I collected all 6 of those hits.
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