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Thanks, B.
I canít get Turner Classic Movies, as Iím not bothered with the satellite channels we get over here and donít have a dish. I have a digitop box which is bad enough. My daughter has completely taken it over so, every time you walk through the sitting-room you are blasted from one music video channel or another!! I have bought her a digibox for her bedroom (hoping to banish her and her music there) but my plan didnít work and sheís still slobbing about on the sofa downstairs!!
Thanks, anyway Ė it was kind of you.

As you said, KH once admitted in an interview, "I know I'm not pretty." - But, I always thought she was stunning, even as she grew older. Two of my favourite films are The Lion In Winter and On Golden Pond.
I have to admit, I had a little sniffle when she died.
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