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Originally posted by mnmouse:
Got a chance to visit the chat room late last night and spend some time with a couple of you...Anne & Sheryl, thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with me. I am looking forward to increasing my musical library on your recommendations and listening to what will be, I am sure, new favorites.

Hi "Mini"
I was very pleased to see that you made it and found at least two erstwhile fans to chat to and get advice from
Just fire away here as much as you like lots more advice available. Sorry I missed you but my wife had had a hard week and
was asleep and I am not at all keen on the temporary (bravenet) chat room we had to use. Hopefully by next Friday the owners
of my favo(u)red chat room hosting site will have woken up to the fact that they have (so far) allowed
their domain name's registration to expire and with any luck they might even deign to repsond to my two (so far) emails
alerting them to the problem they are causing .If I write again to them I will have to offer to organise a whip round for
them but as far as I know the reregistration is probably only about $20.00 for a further two years.
Meanwhile yesterday afternoon I succeeded after a modicum of googling in making live contact with an alternative hosting
outfit whose arrangements appear to include a "browser entry" method i.e. using a suitable Jaca applet and is also mIRC compatible so if all else fails I will just have to start again
So watch this space
John Fowles
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